Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pathetically Apathetic

I considered several different titles for this post before I settled on “Pathetically Apathetic”.

My original (and still favorite) was “Passionately Apathetic”. I like the oxymoron-ism of it. But one of my recent posts had “Passionate” in the title, and I didn’t want to appear to be stuck in a groove.

Then I thought of “Militantly Apathetic”, but, really, I’m not “militantly” anything. I am, however, apathetic.

There were a few more that I entertained before succumbing to the ironic play on the root word “pathos”.

Now, to the point. What was I going to write about? Oh well, it probably doesn’t matter, anyway.

Oh yeah, I remember now...

What is it, you may ask, about which I’m apathetic?

Well, I’m not “generally” apathetic - at least not usually. Sure, there are times when I really don’t care about much of anything. I think we all have those dark moods occasionally. But most of the time, I have an appropriate level of sympathy or empathy, as the case may be.

No. For me, it’s mainly politics about which I’m usually utterly apathetic. I say usually because that’s the emotional state I strive toward, as regards politics, because, that failing, I sink directly into antipathy. (Hey, I like this “pathos” concept.)

To be perfectly honest, antipathy is my natural emotional state with politics. Stated simply, I hate politics! So, in order to stay even-keeled, and not come across as a belligerently blathering idiot, I strive for apathy.

That’s what makes the whole thing pathetic.

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